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We provide a wide range of research services – including reviewing and synthesising research evidence, survey research and qualitative research – together with research commissioning support. We conduct research with professionals and the public. Underpinning all our research is a commitment to critical analysis and identifying solutions based on evidence.  

Behaviour change interventions require an understanding of the factors that prevent or help people adopt ‘desired’ behaviours. People often do not behave rationally. Simply telling them to adopt healthy behaviours – is unlikely to work. We aim to identify the competition factors, like producers and retailers of unhealthy products and the psychological barriers – like the pleasure […]

Interventions and services need to be tailored and targeted to offer the best chance of success. One size definitely does not fit all. Segmentations identify clusters of groups that share key attitudinal and behavioural attributes – and means of reaching them.  We have conducted several segmentations of the general public to target interventions on health […]

Evaluation is essential – both in the development of interventions, and in order to discover whether interventions have the intended impacts. We conducted in depth formative evaluation with blind and partially sighted people to inform RNIB’s strategy on access to newspapers and magazines. We have pioneered the use of experimental research designs to assess the […]

We are experienced organisers of public consultations, and offer expertise in a range of engagement tools – from one off community events to patients panels, citizens juries and citizens councils. We conducted a citizens enquiry into health inequalities for the National Social Marketing Centre that informed the Marmot Commission’s work on health inequalities. We currently […]